The security of your home is often cheaper than you may think. With a number of simple adjustments to the hinges and locks you can reduce the burglary opportunity by up to 90%. Good locks are therefore recommended when securing your house.


Good locks can be recognized by the Stichting Kwaliteitscentrum Gevelementen hallmark (SKG). They share locks in 3 categories:


One star: standard burglar-resistant

Two stars: heavily burglar-resistant

  Three stars: extra heavy burglar-resistant


This way you as a consumer can easily make a choice.

To find the right lock you can contact us 06 82 70 81 55 or request a free security check


Home burglary is more common than you think. This is usually because it is made too easy for the thief. The average burglary only takes 30 seconds and occurs 120,000 times a year in the Netherlands. The largest part, 90%, is opportunity burglary. That is, the thief could come in with simple little tools.

Available 24/7                      Fixed rates                        Quickly on site                      In most cases without damage


Krista Vermaire

"Due to the fact that our storage boxes were broken into several times, Kris put an extra lock in my door. I am very satisfied with his work!"

Leroy da Luz

"With King's Day we have forgotten the key on the inside of our front door. Kris was quick to install and opened our door without damage. Top!"

Liesbeth Houtkooper

"Because we moved early this year and it made us feel safer to replace all our locks, we asked Kris. He has neatly replaced all locks in our house with 3 star locks. We are very happy with this."

Fred van der Voorde

"I wanted to improve the security of my home (which also houses my company). A lot is being burgled in our neighborhood. I had Kris make a quotation for this and he got to work. Everything was completely arranged and quickly. posted. "