Locksmith Amsterdam Oud Zuid

Have you lost your keys or have you locked yourself out in Amsterdam Oud Zuid?

We solve this with a recognized locksmith in Amsterdam Oud Zuid within 30 minutes!

We are available 24/7. Call our emergency line directly:

Lost keys

Have you lost your keys and are you unable to enter? We can open your door without damage in 95% of the cases. Call our emergency line and we will be there within 30 minutes! Do you not feel safe about losing your keys? Then we can also immediately install new locks with new keys. Our locks are always provided with an SKG quality mark (Quality Center Facade Elements Foundation). We use fixed rates and will always be discussed with you in advance. You will not be surprised.


Key broken off

We can open the door without a key. Even if your key has broken off in the lock. When we open the door we always try to do this without damage. In 95% of cases we open the door without damage to your door. We are busy opening doors every day. Has your key broken off and is there still part of the key in the lock?

We are happy to open the door without a key for you.

Keys still on the inside

Has your door blown shut and are the keys still locked inside? Or did you close the door behind you without removing the keys on the inside? Of course our expert lock specialists know how to do this! We will be at your door within 30 minutes. We work professionally and professionally. Leave the key in the lock? Then call the emergency line immediately and we are happy to help you.

Lock broken

Is the lock of your house broken? Or is the key no longer rotating? In this case, you need to replace your locks. Our skilled locksmith will be happy to help you replace the lock. You can make an appointment for this or you can reach us 24/7 via our emergency line.

In the latter case, we will immediately replace your locks and you will no longer have a problem entering your home.

We always replace your locks with good locks that are provided

of a SKG quality mark (Foundation Quality Center Facades) always in consultation with you.

Broke into

Have you been burgled and do you want to replace your locks immediately? We install new locks for you and ensure that a second burglary is minimized by using locks with an SKG quality mark (Quality Center Facade Elements Foundation). Because of our years of experience, we know how to deal with burglary damage traces so that the technical detective can secure the burglary traces.


Available 24/7                    Fixed rates                     Quickly on site                   In most cases without damage


Krista Vermaire

"Due to the fact that our storage boxes were broken into several times, Kris put an extra lock in my door. I am very satisfied with his work!"

Leroy da Luz

"With King's Day we have forgotten the key on the inside of our front door. Kris was quick to install and opened our door without damage. Top!"

Liesbeth Houtkooper

"Because we moved early this year and it made us feel safer to replace all our locks, we asked Kris. He has neatly replaced all locks in our house with 3 star locks. We are very happy with this."

Fred van der Voorde

"I wanted to improve the security of my home (which also houses my company). A lot is being burgled in our neighborhood. I had Kris make a quotation for this and he got to work. Everything was completely arranged and quickly. posted. "