24/7 emergency locksmith


Replace locks after break-in


Security residential building


Lock and lockplans


Emergency seal


Prevention advice

Have you been excluded? We are ready for you 24/7. With the best techniques we can open your door with no or minimal damage.

We are available day and night for burglaries. We install an emergency lock or a completely new lock and are happy to advise you on how to prevent another burglary.

Do you want to secure your home with better locks? We are happy to help you and give you tailor-made advice. Make an appointment with us without obligation.

We make tailor-made entire key and locking plans. A great solution when not everyone is allowed to access a certain space.

When, for example, a window has broken through a burglary, we seal it neatly. You can contact us 24/7 for this

to achieve.

Reduce the chance of a burglary by properly protecting your home or office building. We are happy to give you advice about this.





The Locksmith has been active in the field of locks and security for some time. Whether it concerns an excluded problem or advice about the security of your home or business premises. The Locksmith has a solution for everything and will always discuss the options with you in advance.

The Locksmith has the expertise to execute everything professionally. The Locksmith is a transparent company that will not let you face surprises. The Locksmith is available 24/7 and will always speak to you.


Krista Vermaire

"Due to the fact that our storage boxes were broken into several times, Kris put an extra lock in my door. I am very satisfied with his work!"

Leroy da Luz

"With King's Day we have forgotten the key on the inside of our front door. Kris was quick to install and opened our door without damage. Top!"

Liesbeth Houtkooper

"Because we moved early this year and it made us feel safer to replace all our locks, we asked Kris. He has neatly replaced all locks in our house with 3 star locks. We are very happy with this."

Fred van der Voorde

"I wanted to improve the security of my home (which also houses my company). A lot is being burgled in our neighborhood. I had Kris make a quotation for this and he got to work. Everything was completely arranged and quickly. posted. "